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Pippin is finally here!

After several weeks of living and rehearsing in Milwaukee, I am so happy and excited to say that "Pippin" has finally opened at the Skylight Music Theatre in Wisconsin! I've been having the time of my life being a tumbling soldier, a contortionist, and a grumpy little boy, Theo, in the show. With our small and multi-talented cast of 12 people, we each have the chance to play a multitude of different characters scene by scene, and use our talents, whether it be dance, playing music, or doing circus. Here is our trailer! Pippin runs until October 7th.

Pippin Reviews:

-"Director Ray Jivoff adds a grace note of this aesthetic to this production with Ayana Strutz, an aerialist and contortionist who twists, bends and juggles through most of the play, adding amazement to the already kinetic show."

"In Skylight Music Theatre's current production of "Pippin," a charismatic cast of players leads the titular prince through all these existential explorations, in a mix of styles that pays homage to the musical's '70s roots and gives audiences plenty of modern glitz. It's a visually stunning production supported by some terrific voices, ambitious choreography"-Gwen Rice (On Milwaukee)

-"Chicago resident and Hawaii-born Ayana Strutz is excellent in her Skylight debut as Theo, the young son of the widow Catherine."

"Highly Recommended- Sizzling! Sensational! Sexy! A production that will be remembered for years to come. That’s the best way I can tell you about Pippin, the Tony Award-winning musical classic that’s being staged oh-so magnificently by the Skylight Music Theatre in Milwaukee for the first time in the company’s lengthy history."- Matthew Perta (Showbiz Chicago)

-"Again and again performers emerge from the ensemble to delight us with their skills, so frequently that it seems penurious to single out just two – Stephanie Staszak in several dance numbers and Ayana Strutz, whose abilities as mime and circus gymnast are constantly used to enliven numbers."- Dominique Paul Noth (Urban Milwaukee)

-"This production, directed by Skylight Artistic Director Ray Jivoff, features strong, versatile singer/actors creating well-defined characters and high-energy, focused performances throughout the company." Elaine Schmidt (Journal Sentinel)

-"From acting to singing and from light design to choreography, Pippin makes for an enjoyable evening at the theatre."- John Jahn (Sheperd Express)

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