Philly Weekly Magazine- Charlotte's Web!

I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Philly Weekly Magazine about the relatable themes in Charlotte's Web, as well as diversity in the performing arts world.

NBC Philadelphia Morning News Segment for Charlotte's Web!

Today, I had the opportunity to go on air with NBC Philadelphia to talk about my role in Charlotte's Web at the Arden Theatre Company! After 13 preview shows, we officially opened the show on December 8th. We have officially extended until February 3, 2019! 90 shows total!

Charlotte's Web Photos and Trailer!

The Charlotte's Web trailer is here! Here are some photos of "Charlotte's Web", taken by Mark Garvin! Cast: Alex Bechtel (John Arable/Gander) J. Hernandez (Lurvy/Templeton) Adam Howard (Wilbur) Alex Keiper (Martha Arable/Goose) Emilie Krause (Edith Zuckerman/Lamb) Campbell O’Hare (Fern Arable) Jo Vito Ramirez (Avery Arable) Ayana Strutz (Charlotte) Brian Anthony Wilson (Homer Zuckerman/Sheep)

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