Dancing Through The Quarantine- Part 3

The stay-at-home order in Illinois was extended until the end of May. Will this be the end of quarantine?Probably not. Everything is so uncertain these days. However, if being quarantined until December of this year is what the world needs in order to heal, then so be it. If adjusting to a new way of living is what we'll have to do in order to survive, so be it. I feel like we often forget that we aren't in control. No matter how established human beings are, how far we've evolved, how far we've come, defying gravity, building 100-floor skyscrapers, creating amazing technology- nothing will change the fact that we are the size of little ants residing on a planet floating among other planets

Dancing Through The Quarantine- Part 2

Another installment of my quarantine series! Quarantine life for the past month has been tough, trying to get used to the new normal of being stuck indoors. Trying to figure out how to keep up my dance and workout routine has been harder than I thought it would be. I watched as our laundry pile grew larger and larger in the corner of our bedroom. This week, I was inspired by my stir-crazy feelings, and by our growing pile of laundry. Enjoy!

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