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Dancing Through The Quarantine- Part 3

The stay-at-home order in Illinois was extended until the end of May. Will this be the end of quarantine?Probably not. Everything is so uncertain these days. However, if being quarantined until December of this year is what the world needs in order to heal, then so be it. If adjusting to a new way of living is what we'll have to do in order to survive, so be it. I feel like we often forget that we aren't in control. No matter how established human beings are, how far we've evolved, how far we've come, defying gravity, building 100-floor skyscrapers, creating amazing technology- nothing will change the fact that we are the size of little ants residing on a planet floating among other planets swimming in an endless, stretching sea of darkness. At first, it was hard for me to accept that theatre was no longer happening, that I was indefinitely unemployed, that the skills I have trained my entire life for were now considered "nonessential", that all my fellow performer friends lost their jobs without any warning. The pandemic swept in, and is taking everything in its path. But then I realized- my job is to adapt. My job as a human being is to shift my way of living to accommodate what was happening. I'm not in control. And just to be able to exist, to live and breathe, was a gift. This week I spent an entire day watching space shuttle launch videos on YouTube. I wondered what the astronauts were thinking as they blasted off into space with magnificent fire and smoke billowing out from beneath them. They were going to see what so little human beings have seen- to look behind you and to see all you've known and all you've ever known behind you as a blue orb...Their perspective on life must be forever changed when they return to Earth. Although these are scary times, I'm taking it day by day. Although I'm no longer getting hired to entertain others in person, I can still entertain others using what is available. I hope that these videos bring others joy as much as it brings me joy creating them and taking my mind off of this craziness and uncertainty for a bit. Dancing Through the Quarantine Part 3- Enjoy!

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