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Lookingglass Moby Dick- Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

Sometimes, life comes full circle. A dream I have had for the last 7 years has come true, and the sheer gratitude I feel is indescribable. After graduating college in 2015 with a Sociology degree at the young age of 22… I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I moved from Ohio to Illinois, to a tiny apartment in Evanston. I began auditioning for shows in Chicago while juggling countless jobs. One day as I sat on the L-train feeling lost, a poster on the train caught my eye. The picture was of a girl posing on a lyra hovering above the ground. “Learn To Fly”. It was an advertisement for The Actors Gymnasium, a circus school in Evanston, 2 train stops away from our new apartment. I took it as a sign. I immediately signed up for classes and from my very first aerial class, my life was changed forever. The pure joy and fire I felt in my veins as I tumbled, flew in the air, was something I had never felt before. It felt right. It felt like home. I took a leap of faith and applied for their full-time 9-month professional circus training program. I remember walking into the office on the first day of circus school and seeing a poster for Lookingglass Theatre’s production of Moby Dick displayed on the wall. The picture of men hovering high above the stage on swinging ships, eyes intensely looking at something in the distance, immediately captured my attention. Explosive, innovative, circus-infused storytelling? I never knew such a magical thing could exist. And from that very day in 2017 I promised myself I’d train hard and strive to one day be able to be a part of this very production if it ever went up again. 7 years later, Moby Dick has entered my life as a very special and unexpected gift. A full circle. ⭕️ This industry has taught me many things. Through all the tears, blood, rejections, and unpredictability- I have learned to trust in the timing, trust myself, and trust that the universe is indeed listening. Grateful isn’t enough to describe how I feel about this opportunity. Thank you for making this lil peanut’s dream come true. I will cherish every. single. second. of this experience with gratitude and joy. ✨


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